Retail Items

Items Sold Separately
Latex Balloon (Helium/matching ribbon)
*Specialty balloons, bouquets, arches, and sprays additional.
*Customer pays for delivery.
Custom-made invitations (Plain)
Custom-made invitations (Embellished)

Personal Shopper
*Additional mileage charge for locations beyond 13 miles

Loot Bags
Candles (Plain)
Cut and serve cake (Per Slice)

Gift Wrap bag or box, tissue, matching ribbon
X Large

Gift Baskets/Boxes:
3-4 items- card, tissue, and ribbon
5-8 items- card, tissue and ribbon
9-11 items- tissue, ribbon, and embellishments
12-15 items- card, tissue, ribbon, and embellishments

Custom Made Signage (Price varies based on size and décor)

Face Painting-  per child (Intricate designs will be an additional

Candy Buffet

Jar rentals only

8 candy types   Includes jars, labels, table draping

10 candy types   Includes jars, labels, table draping

*Prices vary based on embellishments and personal gift items added
*Food items may affect cost

* Types of candy will increase cost of candy buffet. Price does not include hosting fees or consultation.

Buffet table draping based on 1 color
*Shipping and handling cost are not included