Gift Baskets


Purple Fantasy Box

     “We Custom Design With You in Mind”

First, Select A Theme

Top Performer * Star Athlete * Diva * Surprise * Graduation * Nurse’s Day, Birthday * Milestones * Crafting * Retirement * New Home * Hot Tropics, Anniversary * New Birth * Sympathy * Love * Father’s Day * Jungle Love, Just Because * Friendship * Mother’s Day *Wedding * Victorian * Sports * Executives * Nature *Adventure * Grandparent’s Day * Fitness * Hunting, New House * Nautical * Medical Occupations * Spa * Cooking * Retro, Holidays * Military * Religious Observances * Beach Party * 60’s * BBQ, Shop-A-Holic * Coffee Lovers * Golf * Fishing * Honeymoon * Camping, Princess * Kids * Teen Party * Paradise * Casino * Apology * Disco Fever, Chocolate Lover * Fiesta * Mystical * Magic * Patriotic * Office * Yoga, Meat Lovers * Seafood Lover * Pasta Lovers * Sewing * Cheerleading, Dancer * Farewell * Sorority * Fraternity * Peace * Urban Chic * Carnival, Occupations * School * Green Peace * Technology Savvy * Trendy, Back-to School * Engaged * Girls’ Night Out, Cultural Celebrations * Administrative Professionals’Day * Super Bowl * Olympics * Bar Mitzvah

Next, Pick a Container:

Baskets, boxes, crates, cans, tubes, trays, bowls, vases, mugs, chests, etc.   Other specialty containers are available.

Last, Select Scrumptious and Unique Fillings

Gourmet cookies, mini cakes, crackers, biscotti, dipping sticks, wafers, cookie thins, colossal cookies, decadent chocolates, hard candies, taffy, caramels, lollipops, candy bars, novelty candy, fudge, hand-made candy and treats

Pretzels, snack mix, popcorn (Plain and flavored), Trail Mix (Plain and gourmet flavors), chips, pasta, croutons, nuts, healthy nut blends, soy nuts, cheese straws

Pasta sauces, gourmet dips, soups, dry seasonings, rubs, barbecue sauce, gourmet spreads

Mustards, jellies, salsas, olives, pickles, cheese, cheese spreads, relishes, gourmet sauces,

Sausages, seafood products, jerky (Plain and gourmet), hams, pate

Coffees, teas, cider, lemonade, cold coffee drink mixes, tropical drink mixes, hot chocolate

Novelty items, toys, spa items, souvenirs, blankets, throws, jewelry, candles, collectibles, etc.

*We can create personal themes too.

* We can incorporate your company logo into our designs.

*We can special order treats for various diets