“Thanks again for your wonderfully able assistance.  You made the party the success it was.  Everyone was happy and complimentary of every aspect of the event. Thank you so much!!”


Planning a spring wedding? There are lots of factors to consider when selecting your venue. Spring weather, though very beautiful, can be unpredictable. There is something about the coolness of spring weather, fresh air, hues of green, bright colors, and new sounds of baby birds and wearing lighter clothing of pastel colors that excites everyone during spring.

Consider what is best for you and the theme you want to communicate. Indoor venues allow you to be protected from rain showers or thunderstorms. You may plan an outdoor wedding. Be sure to have an alternative plan for unexpected weather or an emergency such as bees.

Now it is time to begin planning your special day. I highly suggest that you consult the services of a professional wedding planner to help you with all the details that may be overwhelming such as, selecting the date, locating a venue, selecting members of the wedding party, planning the engagement party, and the list goes on. A professional wedding planner can save you a lot of time, money and worries. They are very resourceful, great listeners, and highly organized individuals who can help you execute every detail of your special day. Happy wedding planning. I would love to be your professional wedding consultant.