About Our Business

KASAGE CREATIONS & SERVICES, LLC was designed to provide unique wedding and event planning services for every customer. Reflect on an event in your life from childhood to adulthood. Hopefully, you smiled or experienced a sense of great joy from the memories of special times with family, coworkers, and friends. Everyone can have similar experiences with well-planned events. We are committed to providing each individual or group with professional customer service. We recognize that your wedding or special occasion is a unique and memorable event that you have visualized and personalized to reflect your personal style. We specialize in meeting your individual needs and making your wedding or event unique to you. Through visual imagery, we will listen to your ideas and create what you verbalize. Together, we’ll work as a team to make your dreams a reality. Your event is a priority to us.

Let us do the planning, you enjoy the event!


Alasha Woods


Certified Wedding and Event Planner